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At this stage of the pandemic, I’ve finally (finally!) learned how to not touch my face

As St. Augustine said, give me the chance to do this refactoring, just not yet

Yesterday, frantically mashing git commands at the terminal before I had to go home yielded one messed up repository

Today, calmly figured it out. It wasn't even that bad :)

To file under library tools that induce rage: Adobe Digital Editions

I've recently fired up my ancient bialetti, and am enjoying the novelty of being *very* caffeinated

This toot is about Tim Horton’s, not any particular affinity I feel for Ontario 😂

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Country roads, take me home
To a place I belong
Southern Ontario, Horton’s mama

Is a legit source to link to for the text of open source licenses? If there's somewhere better, definitely let me know. I'm a bit out of my element when it's not Creative Commons

NYU Libraries is hiring an Open Scholarship Librarian 🔓 and I get to co-chair the search!

This person will be working in the scholarly communications (#scholcomm) and info policy department on outreach, instruction, repository services, and (of course) supporting open initiatives

Taking applications now -

journal: here, we've helpfully put a bunch of your text in passive voice

me: ?!😠

had very small bits of liu bao and shou in my office, so I mixed them for a session. While the smokiness of the shou overpowers a bit, the result is... acceptable.

SARK is a very pleasing fuck off to a certain type of get-rich-quick mentality. I'm glad that it exists.

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please ignore me; just lingering at the edges of what we talk about here

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my schadenfreude makes me want to bet on SARK, but unfortunately I know better than to play those games

Since Johnson & Johnson is splitting into two companies, I think the new companies should be named Johnson, and uh, Johnson. Sensible, right?

Feeling dumb because I keep having problems setting up access to a new eresource for our library. Other people's software, amirite? jeez.

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