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voicemail is pretty great

Tea nerdery level unlocked: I have a travel kettle

htmx looks interesting. Something to try when I have some free time

Feel happier, healthier, more positive, less snappy, more patient, more energetic and clear-headed with this one weird trick! 

A reasonable amount of sleep

we recently got libchat at our library, and while the goal was to reach students, I honestly think half of the traffic at this point is librarians chatting with each other 🤔

First quiet day in a long time. It's nice to have a moment to pause and reset

also, I admire springshare's commitment to not supporting old browsers, but damn it is making life hard for me 🙄

the author's message seems to be that if you just *really believe* in agile, you will be transformed. uh, ok

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Reading a book about "the agile mindset" for the first time, and while on one level it makes sense to me, on another level omg the naivety!

not feeling like talking 

Still here just lurking more than before

My work mug has gone missing so I am making tea in a giant mason jar

Having discord on my work computer would be super helpful for chatting about technical stuff, but I'm... not going to install it because distractions

I have a friend who wants to write guide to western Canadian cooking called "Cook everything on high"

sartorial choices; pandemic 

Ways in which the pandemic has changed me: today I was thinking of one of my t-shirts as one of my “dressy t-shirts”

trying to learn django and task queues at the same time is frustrating: too many unknowns make it hard to figure out why it's not working

I'm liking, but don't actually have a reason to subscribe beyond the free month

I'm thinking of signing up for the PyData conference, but there doesn't seem to be a list of talks. 🤔 Is that too much to ask?

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