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I think a tea draw or tea raffle would be really fun. Like where you can bid or bet some raffle tickets on a bunch of teas, and maybe win one or two to take home.

oh dear. My local professional association is hosting an event called "Blockchain Buzz" 😢 Can I give up on librarianing now?


and open access week has begun, so I am taking solace in writing OA themed posts for the library twitter

work (-) 

I am working to distract myself from... stress about work 😕

I have turned to reading the Journal of the American Academy of Religion, and it is surprisingly satisfying

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@hugh I had a dream that I had written a comprehensive set of tests for the the Open Journal Matcher. Maybe it's a sign that I should actually get to work on that?

This tea has a camphor taste (so I'm told; this is my first experience of this flavor) and it is... strange

even looking at pictures of tea is calming. I could do this all afternoon

After waiting patiently for a long time, I have finally been appointed web librarian 👍

the ticketing system for technical issues strips html tags. I have a technical issue that involves, uh, html. 🤔 I think some critical information got left out 🤨

Begin with the admission that you do not know and start from there.

Took our dog to the blessing of the animals this morning. She’s been blessed


and it's nice that we can disagree about things like this on the fedi, and still mostly get along

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As I get older, my politics have moved further and further into pacifism.

wow, changing my spaCy processing pipline just a bit has made a huge impact on the amount of resources the application is using. Efficiency!

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