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up rather late making a country music playlist

From the WSJ today: "The average phone bill in the U.S. is $151 a month"

uh, wtf are you people doing with your phones?

either I let this oolong sit in my closet for too long, or it is actually just not very good

too many bandcamp albums I want and too little budget for bandcamp

mh (+/-) 

feeling optimistic about the new semester, yet a bit overwhelmed

The top 10 topic tags on the @kingsboroughlibtech blog:

1. learning
2. journal recommender
3. LibGuides
4. Python
5. JavaScript
6. Twitter
7. Google
8. Mastodon
9. API
10. homepage

sometimes I feel that Windows gives me a spinner or progress bar just to try convince me that "what I'm doing is very, very difficult, and you should never try to do it yourself"

getting up really early tomorrow to start off the first week of the new semester properly

thankfully the world is a big place and there are plenty of other places to feel like a beginner :)

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I think my problem with Python these days is that I don't feel like a beginner there anymore. And I feel that a beginner is the best thing to be.

indexers, humor of 

Is it silly to want to invert CWs like index entries

alcohol, theoretical consumption of 

long weekend starts now! in theory it's cocktail time, but I will have tea instead

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O hero, take before him this thy car that is capable of grinding hostile cars.

people: trying to reassure me that the technical bits will be fine in time for the deadline

me: show me a working setup and I will be reassured

all of the programming ebooks at my library are from 2017-2018, so I am permanently stuck in that era :/

If this paper doesn't get published, I promise you all I will make it into one very long blog post 🙃

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