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You know you've been at your job a long time when you think "geez these trees on campus are really big now"

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the responses are coming in now and they are useful. I am very relieved

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today's horror in backward compatibility 

for context, navigator hasn't been supported since 2008

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today's horror in backward compatibility 

There were 22 sessions on the library's webpages using Netscape Navigator. wtf am I supposed to do about this?!

I am unfamiliar with Smashing Magazine, which seems to be related?

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Does anyone have any opinions on SmashingConf?

Did my first home gong fu and it went fine! No burnt fingers!

Being very librarian and running a survey. This is not something I am good at. It's going about how you might expect 🤷‍♂️

grant funding extended for open journal matcher! woo!

Would love a data set of historical tea prices. Any @tea people know of one?

This dining shed has fulfilled its destiny as, uh, a shed

I feel that students would love to get cowsays from their librarians

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