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Idea: pair with people who use your favorite editor, you will learn much from them

end of year tea roundup 

Overall, spent less on tea this year, probably because of the giant, cheap fu bricks that I bought mid year


The craziest thing I saw today was a 6L bottle of Sauternes.

Posting blog content on Christmas Eve like a champ 🤔

I think there’s still some needless complexity there though, lol

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I'm revisiting my copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking, which I used a lot when I was first learning to cook, but have neglected since. It's interesting how the recipes *feel* different now. What seemed like needless complexity then shows its purpose now.

Email has gone completely silent in advance of the holiday and it is glorious

My co-worker, pointing at her mask: "I can't hear with this thing on!"

I'm on my third power supply for my XPS 13. Seems like too many :/

meant to upload a bunch of articles to Zotero to read tonight, but totally forgot. Now I'm in the office and have to re-plan my evening 🙄

uh oh, the film professors have discovered kanopy...


Amused that one of the "services" at our pharmacy is beer

also, learning the hard way why spaCy has a way to serialize things efficiently

I did this several commits ago without noticing, and now I am sad

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git should really warn you with an "are you sure" before you merge two branches :(

For better or worse, I started reading Levy's "Hackers", and it is... uncomfortably hagiographic

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