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My favorite line from nanogenmo so far:

> Put your safety first! Don't risk your family's preservation with an unfortunate leisurely classicism.


Tried simmering my spent fu brick leaves to get some more out of them, and it was fine, I guess, but I'm not totally convinced it was worth the effort 🤷‍♀️

Just got the SAD lamp out for the first time this year ❄️

Sometime I feel that academia especially rewards the vain

mostly because my weekly budget starts on Fridays, and I'm trying to stretch it a bit

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Implementing a new policy of not buying anything on Thursdays

I'm going to spend the thanksgiving weekend by myself, immersed in a programming project. I am very excited. It sounds wonderful :)

I think my nanogenmo this year is more readable than last year's. I guess that's progress?

Since the clocks go back tonight, gotta stay up as late as possible :)

I've kept a log of everything I've done at work for the past 20 months, and I ran it through python's collections.Counter()

Here's the top 10:

I truly have a very boring desk job, don't I? 🙃

co-worker: do you remember how you fixed this problem?

me: no, but I remember that it took three days and was very annoying

This is me failing at being helpful. I need to find ways to *not* give this answer in the future

A vicious circle:

dislike using Alma --> avoid using Alma --> forget how to use Alma --> make mistakes using Alma --> dislike using Alma

Open Journal Matcher is still processing just as many searches as ever, but has much lower total traffic. So I guess it's infrastructure now?

Or, alternately, any relays that I should definitely avoid?

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I think I might federate a bit more again. Any recommendations for a good relay?

a regret 

I should have taken some math in college

I've got a paper idea that's really woolly-headed, but I can't seem to give up on it. Basically, it's looking for the roots of FOSS in the 19th C Arts and Crafts movement. Please talk me out of spending any more time on this 😂

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