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replaced: two pipes, one valve, one faucet 🙄 . Making some progress on this ancient plumbing

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Cooler weather today is an opportunity to make some chicken stock

When django-q is running, my browser crashes, so I can't get to the django admin panel to cancel the tasks in django-q 🤔

After 2 years and almost 6 months ( less 2 days ), we have finally released version 1.2 that has been waiting to be released to the world for 1 year and 2 months.

The new release features over 50 new icons ( )


This is only the beginning of our work. There is a lot more to go from here and much more to achieve. We are excited for this new journey.

{ tooted by shine )

very minor annoyance; cooking 

Salt from the new box is not the same density as salt from previous box 😡

The vibe at my programming meetup has really changed over the pandemic, and not for the better. It's sad but it's time to find a new one

Inter-campus book delivery is back, and I am going hog wild ordering stuff

I think SUSHI is a well designed protocol, but a very poorly implemented protocol

Thinking of switching from Ubuntu to Debian. y/n?

I just wish this apartment had working plumbing. sigh.

Very excited about the teas that arrived in the mail today! fu zhuan, liu bao, shou puerh, roasted oolong

Proposal: an egoism indicator. Takes a text as input and outputs a score that represents how much the author is talking about themselves

damn, I didn't think I had to assemble all my work for a performance review this fall, but apparently I do 🙄

Curse the person who wrote this CSS and fought against inheritance the whole way

old food 

Found some pre-pandemic chocolates in my office and am eating them now. Seem okay

Maybe I shouldn't have paid so much attention to the guy preparing my lunch. Those food handling skills were atrocious. I hope I don't get sick

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