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I don't understand Alma after 2 months: that's my problem

I don't understand Alma after 1.5 years: that's Alma's problem

I was expecting the reMarkable to have limited uses, but it has changed my routine way more than I thought it would

Brewed up some fu brick again, after being a bit put off by my first experience. Used less leaf and pushed it less, which helped.

Points to Springshare for giving everything very clear and unique classes and ids, so that it is all very easily manipulable with JS and CSS

Starting to mull over nanogenmo ideas. Will try to be a bit more ambitious about it this year.

Since I now have a PhD-in-hand, I'm on the job market!

Skills: Art history & archaeology, digital humanities experience! Teaching! Intro-to-programming workshops! Programming in python, Racket, HTML, CSS! Open Access, FOSS connections, community management!

You can hire me!

Today was derailed by someone breaking my code and then urgently needing me to fix it 🤨. The result was an improvement, I guess, but maybe not how I was planning to spend my day?

Writing as a process of always getting closer to what you want to say, but never quite arriving 🙄

Planning to go to the State Fair this summer, so that I can look at some farm animals and judge them.

Huh, I guess I should get up to speed with Bootstrap 5...

a thought for bot makers: plenty of people think your bot posts too much. There are probably very few who think it posts too little.

googled "neo-physiocrat" and did not get many results. A bit disappointed. Would have thought there would be more contemporary physiocrats, tbh

this dell has been nice, but I've spent too much on replacement hardware

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Feeling better about things because I finally got around to replacing my laptop battery. No need to be plugged in all the time anymore!

Is the rise of institutional repositories going to be the end of collections like ProQuest’s Dissertations and Theses?

it definitely says something that maintaining my own SUSHI client seems less daunting than trying to figure out how to use SUSHI in Alma.

question: do unbroken leaves actually physically brew better than broken/crumbs, or is it just secondary indicator of how much care was taken during processing?

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