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Went to the market and bought carrots, cider, yogourt, clams. Now realizing that there’s no way to make that into a meal 🙃🧐

being part of the problem 

Contributed to a reply-all chain! 😊

plants (-) 

My rosemary plant is not thriving as much as I hoped it would 😕

My co-worker has an uncanny ability to quote committee meetings from weeks ago. How can I learn to do that? Seems super useful! 😂

Enago really needs to openly license & release the code for their "open access" journal finder. Using the Directory of Open Access Journals to build their proprietary tool is allowed (DOAJ metadata is CC0), but really not in the spirit of the thing.

After months of plodding away with DARA recommendations, I finally got my queue down to zero.

Does anyone know of an accessible explanation of FLoC, suitable for sharing with librarians?

@edsu twarc has come a long ways since I last checked! Nice work

Over the past few weeks, I've found that working on a Recurse Center application has brought on incapacitating impostor syndrome. I finally decided today not to submit an application and suddenly feel much better. Now I want to code again 🤷

I have a lot of complaints about the Google Cloud SDK, but I'll concede that it is *way* better than the web console for uploading thousands of files

Spending a lot of time writing CSS recently, and while it's keeping me busy, it's not the most satisfying

It's nice to come back to the library and all of the office plants. The plants have been running things just fine while the librarians were away, thank you

Does anyone know of a way forward with Twitter v2 API when your small, academic archive doesn't qualify for the Academic Research track? The problem we have is that we don't have a research question to pursue, we are just archiving tweets about our college, for the benefit of future researchers. This approach doesn't seem to fit with Twitter's "tracks".

Any thoughts are appreciated.

fontawesome has been really, uh, monetized since I last checked. Sure, I appreciate all the fancy developer tools, but isn't this is a bit much for some icons?

I like seeing all the variations on GET /wp-login.php that end up in the logs. The irrepressible creativity of humans!

I was expecting the end of lockdown to be accompanied by more champagne spraying, tbh

Will Twitter's v2 API kill off my tweet archive? To be determined. My guess is that yes, it will.

makes for more efficient "office tea", to use Cwyn's term

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