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Our college designer showed me web app simulators (to emulate your project on different devices) and I am incredibly grateful, and feeling dumb for not knowing about this sooner

When technology isn't magic, an ebook is also just a book

Dear Ann Landers,

My neighbor keeps bringing me guitars. I think one guitar is perfectly sufficient, but he is not convinced. What should I do?

Out of tune

I'd like a desktop machine but what's really holding me up is that I don't have a desk πŸ™„

tea rant 

But people who want to buy something exotic and ancient get all my scorn

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tea rant 

(This isn't meant to be a criticism of Crimson Lotus at all, they just had a helpful page about gushu that I could link to)

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tea rant 

Honestly, I don't really have the palate to judge, but I sure can spot unrecondite Orientalism

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tea rant 

I think "gushu" is mostly bs.

People wanting to feel like they're taking part in something "ancient" are buying into this marketing

I bought far too much very cheap puerh. It's going to be a few months of underwhelming tea πŸ™„

Made a decent red curry, almost entirely by luck. It got eaten before I thought to take a picture 🌢🌢🌢

Maybe Gabriella Coleman too? But I can't find my copy of her book

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Christopher Kelty does some good analysis in "Two bits". That's where I'm starting. But there must be lots more out there...

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Ok Fediverse, this seems like it's right up your alley: I'm looking for critiques of Eric Raymond's "The Cathedral and the Bazaar."

Links or citations, pls?

Points to LibreOffice for not using some version of πŸ’Ύ as a save icon

There must be a way to get a blog post out of what I'm currently working on, I'm just a bit stumped πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Should I pick up my abandoned attempt to learn Vue? Just found out about

Question answered: it got fixed just in time for Wednesday πŸ™‚

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I have a bug that happens only on mobile devices, and only on Wednesdays. How far down the todo list does that go? πŸ˜‚

I feel like the most helpful mindset when learning CSS is stubbornness

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