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In awe of my co-workers Excel wizardry for so many reasons

I mean, I understand why Alma is complex. But that doesn’t make me want to use it

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I guess I’d like a tool that’s simple to use, or if I need to, write my own code. I’m not super into investing my time in mastering someone else’s convoluted software

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I've figured out what's annoying me about Alma: it's meant for power users, and I have no interest in that

Youtube's recommended videos is like a hellscape version of my interests. Yikes.

I like participating in communities that are developing, starting, finding their way. Established communities don't interest me nearly as much

Proposal: stackoverflow answers should expire after a certain number of years

I've used flexbox enough to know how useful it is, but not often enough to remember how to do stuff. Frustrating.

That said, I'm in a good mood because I have a programming project I'm excited about, and 5 uninterrupted days to work on it

Building a project on a 3rd party API is probably going to be a heartbreaker. They're going to disappoint you, eventually

It is almost time for the annual Rebuilding of the Primo Search Widget!

Can't sleep before my 4am meeting, so I guess I'm just staying up? Work is going to be *rough* tomorrow

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WFH means that we never get snow days anymore 😕

I have a meeting scheduled at 4am on Monday. Timezone fail. I'm stubborn enough that I'm going to be there, though.

Thinking of building a simple weekly calendar in JS. It seems very strange that I have not been able to find one that suits my needs on GitHub.

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