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Is this the year I finally get to retire COUNTER 4? I hope so!

Today I have learned that dried rhubarb is amazing

Very pleased that the Code4Lib conference is only $49 this year!

(Plus financial assistance is available if that is too much!)


There are other publishers on the disciplinary fringes, that seem to be focused on their own niche audiences. These usually aren't helpful for a generalist collection like ours

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Some are publishing legit, carefully written introductory works on academic topics. My library eagerly buys those.

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Some publishers seem to specialize in pretentious sounding stuff; others are quietly doing the real work

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Doing acquisitions at my library has weirdly taught me a lot about academic writing; after a while you start to see the sub-genres in a discipline pretty clearly

Anyone know of some library webpages that are entirely LibGuides based?

I have a couple of examples but am curious to see more...

me: huh, maybe i'd like to sleep in a slightly different position tonight...

memory foam mattress: NO! Not allowed!!

It was a good year for tea. If I was a tea blogger, I'd totally have a post about this

Going to put development of the Open Journal Matcher on hold for a bit (grant money is running out), but hope to write about it in the meantime, and return to working on it in the summer (adding support for other languages)

Quickest way to get me to stop reading your tea blog: use the phrase "tea practice"

The elevator in our building hasn't been working consistently, and it makes me wonder how they program it. "Write an elevator program" seems like it would be a good learn-to-code exercise.

Would love if LibGuides had some form of version control...

The context here is that I'm thinking about writing about technologies that you can stick your hands into (metaphorically)

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What's the term for the property of water (or some other liquid) that you can stick your hand in it? Pervious? I've never actually heard anyone use that word. But then again I don't usually read about properties of liquids. Something else?

Call for contributions for #Code4Lib2021, a loosely-structured conference for people working at the intersection of libraries/archives/museums/cultural heritage and technology. #GLAM

at one point in my life, I wanted to be a vigilante indexer, who would make indexes for all the unindexed books in the library, and surreptitiously staple them in

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especially strange because in my experience it's rare to come across a french language index the first place...

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