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Today I made some improvements to gh-index, my tool to measure h-index scores for github users. Give it a try:

I think I have a lot to learn about teaching from Will Sentance

it actually wasn't that bad. I was more fearful about it than I should have been, in retrospect

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I've been programming for, uh, a while, and today is the first time I've implemented a database. Don't mind me, I'm a bit slow.

@hugo nice work on the new terms of service! I like it.

I've lined up a bunch of github issues to fill up my weekend 👍

Are people submitting more proposals to big, annual conferences because there's no travel requirement now? Seems like this might be a thing

This election has produced what may be the most intuitive icon ever, courtesy of WSJ:

hey @hugh, how hard was it to turn ephemetoot into a pypi package?

Another new journal finder tool, for those looking to search based on compliance with funding rules:

Demi Moore implies the existence of a larger, whole Moore

parce que j'ai aimé... donc je vous comprends!...

Sometimes tea bloggers write some pretty cringe-inducing posts. 😬

While I wasn't paying attention, the extra hour just appeared. Will celebrate with more tea

got my monthly blog post published with 20 minutes to spare

me: crams a bunch of js into a LibGuide to see what will happen

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