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What can I do with a bottle of cheap, sweet red wine? I don't drink, so I'm looking for something I can cook with it. I put a little bit in some tomato sauce, but it was too sweet even for that. Suggestions?

I should expect the css to break when I make it not inline, too, right? Because inline gets different weightings than classes, ids, etc.? Or am I wrong about that?

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otoh, there's also that abstract that I really don't want to write 🙄

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ugh, I've got to make all of this css _not_ inline. Sounds tedious.

How long before someone discovers some purported very old shou puerh practices, so that it's now an ancient tradition, and not, like, something from the 70s?

Hey, here's a programming community that I really like:

Before the pandemic, meetups were in person in NYC, but now are remote so that you can join from wherever! Hope to see you there.

Apparently when you leave your Windows machine unused for 6 months, it needs 1.5 hours to run updates 🙄

Spanish-language video on the Open Journal Matcher that made me laugh even though I only understood like 10% of it:

When I have a question about Alma, it just leads me to five more new questions about Alma.

Spinach and seafood dish made on Long Island? Saag Harbor

went to work for the first time in months and someone has been keeping my office plants alive ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

my ubuntu install is getting buggy, so maybe it's time to start fresh with 20.04

I lost half a cake of nice tea somewhere in my travels last week 😠 😢

Ok, I’m going to give it a try:

Mer à thon

Did I do it right?

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