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@rrix i am honestly very interested in your thoughts on this

anyhow, tomorrow I'm working in the morning and then watching a doubleheader

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it's Friday afternoon but I'm still feeling very captain it's wednesday

nifty. I can subscribe to a stackoverflow question by pointing my rss reader at it 😎

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music is quite cheap, when you price it at cost per unit of enjoyment

A pigeon has taken up residence in our courtyard and the noise it makes is *very* irritating

well, I got my gemini client working again. A small victory in a day of many defeats

gah. I have a job opening I really want to post here (and on Code4Lib) but it has been held up in campus bureaucracy :(

it makes me happy that Michael Ruhlman's stove in these photos is about the same level of dirty as mine

ugh, getting the build to work for a python desktop application is never straightforward. I've tried multiple approaches and they're all painful

for all the shit I give springshare here, their products have really improved our library

Going to the trouble of setting up LTI in BlackBoard and wondering if maybe we've created an elaborate solution to a problem that could have been solved with a hyperlink?

springshare is sending me *a lanyard* 🤩 😂


say you run a search, you look at the results page, and then you click the back button to return to the search page.

How would you feel about having your previous search (and selected facets) still visible?

I find pomodoros great for writing words, but not for writing code, which (for me, at least) requires much longer stretches of absorption

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a weekend is here with no plans! Maybe I'll do some pomodoros on my paper, or maybe some js wrangling. And lots of tea.

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