My week of exile in a hotel in Gowanus is over. It's nice to be back home.

Our library is up and running with LibChat, so now we’re answering university-wide reference questions, and it is much more entertaining than I expected

I usually don’t put on the out-of-office message when I’m away, but I am now because the emails will not stop 🤬

I'd really like to find a position doing data management or web data publishing for an organization that is meaningfully engaged in working on the climate crisis. If you have any pointers or ideas please let me know!

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I asked the keepers of the lab to kindly update the browsers on the lab computers, and they added new firefox, new chrome, and... internet explorer 🤦‍♀️

@babelcarp this would be great performed on the Q train on the Manhattan bridge


voicemail is pretty great

@babelcarp it's a cheap 1L plastic one from Walmart, but I can stick it in the trunk of the car when we drive somewhere. Probably not suitable for air travel though

Tea nerdery level unlocked: I have a travel kettle

htmx looks interesting. Something to try when I have some free time

Feel happier, healthier, more positive, less snappy, more patient, more energetic and clear-headed with this one weird trick! 

A reasonable amount of sleep

we recently got libchat at our library, and while the goal was to reach students, I honestly think half of the traffic at this point is librarians chatting with each other 🤔

First quiet day in a long time. It's nice to have a moment to pause and reset

also, I admire springshare's commitment to not supporting old browsers, but damn it is making life hard for me 🙄

the author's message seems to be that if you just *really believe* in agile, you will be transformed. uh, ok

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