@OpenScienceFeed I guess "API track" would be a more accurate description? 🧐

it seems like the same kind of move as the twitter academic research API: a push to corral research process into walled gardens

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I concede that ProQuest's TDM Studio is probably something that some of our faculty will like. Wondering if it works as advertised?


Also, it is a pretty clear attempt to capture more of the research workflow πŸ™„

Looking for recipes on the internet is hilarious. This one advises me to pre-heat my microwave πŸ‘Œ

Things that are programming: fun
Things that aren't programming: ok, fine
Things that are sort of programming: very irritating!

We did our first fiscal year rollover in Alma today, and to my surprise it went fine.

@hugh anyhow, it introduced me to asafoetida, for which I am grateful

@hugh a few years ago I went on a bit of a journey where I wanted to make the perfect dahl. Made SO much dahl over the course of a few months. Overdid it a bit and now I can't bring myself to make it anymore πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Would be nice if my browser would stop crashing 🧐🀨

This may not be a very mastodon thing to say, but I'm really enjoying the palgrave studies in the history of finance series. tl;dr finance is messy

@babelcarp @rrix I am guessing you would not be impressed with my in-cup basket? πŸ˜‚

thinking of making a roll-your-own task queue. Clearly a bad idea, but I may try anyway

God give me patience trying to explain what a CNAME is

a bit deflated that this paper isn't going to get submitted 'til at least mid August

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