Me: thinks of a new optimization
Past me: haha, beat you to it!

a thing that should be more accessible to non-technical people 



@tripofmice first of all, points for having more than one breakfast!

did anyone read the recent FT article about Mastodon? was it interesting? I don't have a subscription anymore

I bought $35 worth of dental floss, and I’ve got to say, great decision

This semester at our library, research instruction sessions have been picking up again, possibly nearing pre-pandemic levels! 🎉

@mastohost In my opinion you should charge us more, if you need to. I want it to be sustainable for you, Hugo! Your work is hugely appreciated

@platypus a UX intern sounds great! I'm very happy that we now have a campus UX person to help; this had been lacking

finally had a UX person review our library website, and, uh, I have some work to do this summer 🙄

I disagree with Cal Newport about some things, but he is right about multitasking

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at least one person agreed 😂 but I don't think I'm going to get very far with this

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Today I was advocating for monotasking over multitasking as a better method for getting work done in our department.

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parce que le monde est indifférent et parce que le ciel est sourd.

got a hat today. Pretty happy about my new hat.

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