For some reason I'm on IRC so it's a proper saturday night now

strange that these new dell desktops don't have USB-C

and it turns out it's not my fault, but rather breaking changes in the API 😠

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oh man am I ever grateful for Postman for API testing

I also learned that integers in Python can be expressed with underscores to make long numbers more readable: For example: 500_000_000 instead of 500000000.

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Why is ubuntu always adjusting my volume settings (both input and output) without asking me? Seems like a weird thing to do.

Up to now, my considered approach to tea storage has been just to drink it as fast as possible

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I find myself looking for a large fermenting crock. Time to visit the nearby thrift stores

me: happy Canadian new year!
coworkers: oh, how do you celebrate?
me: we eat a moose 😂

That's my second toot in a week that describes my work with the word "grind". Shows how I'm feeling about things rn

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We got administrative buy-in for a LibGuides-based library homepage. Next up is some grinding committee work to make it happen 🙄

Despite failing at my reading goal for 2020, I have optimistically set another one for 2021

teeth, - 

Also, my front tooth seems to be slowly breaking right through the middle, which is, uh, concerning

The neighbors have been laughing hysterically for about 10 hours now. I don't really want to know what's going on over there...

I guess I like the parts that are most librarianish, which is not surprising

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I like the put-your-head-down-and-grind-it-out part of research the best

Came across an Open Library title for the first time today. Controlled Digital Lending ftw!

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