do you italicize the colon

@mark I don’t use impure tags like <i>, I use <em>.🤨

@babelcarp @mark I object to strong and em because they're not semantic, they're just literally renames of b and i, and less convenient. Alas, there's no semantic web police to go snitching to

@tfb They’re renames of the one-letter tags only if you ignore CSS.

Yes, I realize you *could* style the one-letter tags in counterintuitive ways, but how perverse are you gonna get?


@babelcarp I admit my error and will write a for loop that displays "<em>heading</em>" 500 times as penance i wouldnt italicise the dot if something at the end of a sentence is italicised. i think the same should apply in this case

@mark i do not like to italicize my digestive system

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