I don't know much about oolong, but I am drinking one and it is nice

@mark I'm thirsty now and I don't even know why.

@tfb I blindly bought a bag, for reasons I've forgotten. The label says: Wu Yi Shan "Qi Lan" Rock Oolong. Are you familiar with anything similar?

@mark The Wuyi mountain produces some great oolongs, generally in a very particular (yan cha or rock tea) style. Qilan can be a good one. You have all the sweet roasty flavors and some of the mineraliness typical of wuyi teas, but with a nice orchid floral note (when done right).

If you got a good or even ok specimen, I'm not surprised you liked it!

@tfb @mark Yes, good yancha is great stuff. You’re already familiar with shu puer, and yancha has a lot in common with it in terms of mouth feel. But yancha tends to have a lot more complexity and, sadly, it’s a lot more expensive, because Wuyi Shan is a much smaller region than the tea growing areas of Yunnan.

@babelcarp @mark BTW, one thing people often do wrong with yancha is to throw out the rinse. For the good stuff, the rinse is good to drink; for the aged good stuff it's delicious

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