@mark When I spent a couple of weeks in Yunnan 14 years ago, to make sure I’d always have tea to drink, I bought a 100g Nanjian tuo right after getting settled at the hotel.

@babelcarp @mark Wait, is not having tea to drink a concern in Yunnan?

@babelcarp @mark I suppose it is, but I'm still surprised there'd be places hard to find good tea there. Italia truly is the promised land of coffee...

@tfb @mark Yunnan is a lot bigger than Italy, and its regions range from tropical to Himalayan.

But beyond that, especially in Italy I think, coffee is a very standardized product (Borbone may be better than Illy, but in an important sense they're the same thing.) Tea, though, even just in Yunnan, has many many genres *as well as* wide variation in quality.

@mark I hope they're as tasty as they are cute!

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