Is this the year I finally get to retire COUNTER 4? I hope so!


this has been a learning experience. tl;dr don't make your own sushi client

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also, the repo for my sushi client is a mess and needs an overhaul. I have optimistically tagged it as an alpha release. Dropping support for COUNTER 4 will help.

@mark I wish we could drop COUNTER 4 but some publishers are still being a PITA. Luckily we harvest everything into JUSP/IRUS so don't really think about it now. Would it be worth looking at FOLIO's SUSHI harvesting client and using that as a harvester?

@saera yeah, what I should probably do is use the SUSHI capabilities of Alma, since we're an Alma shop now... but for now inertia makes maintaining this client seem easier?

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