You can't really have a meaningful community vote on conference proposals when there are >100 of them. People cannot realistically process and vote meaningfully on that scale.

I appreciate the democratic spirit of it, but no one is going to give full consideration to the 100th proposal they're reading

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One alternative would be to have voters pick the conference theme/track they're interested in, and vote on the proposals in that area of interest

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As a bonus, they're likely to pick themes/tracks they're personally knowledgeable about

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@mark that's how VALA does peer review: you pick what themes you're knowledgeable about/interested in and then get a small number of papers to review from that track.

@mark actually the biggest problem is that most people think they're not knowledgeable enough to be peer reviewers! Seems to work pretty well. Mostly people would get 2 or 3 each to look at, with 2 reviewers per paper and Conference Chairs deal with any tiebreakers or conflicting reviews.

@hugh I voted on a list with ~150 choices today. It felt a bit ridiculous

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