If you know any #library #metadata nerds who might like a new job based in Melbourne, let them know we're hiring:


Boosts welcome

While I'm usually not one to say nice things about Alma, shared reports in its Analytics module really help standardize reporting across many libraries

my neighbors are drunk and yelling at their alexa 😄

it's kind of exactly what I was looking for from my day, though 😂

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hours spent reading about configuring midi keyboards for ubuntu has really been, uh, sufficient linux nerdery for today

any recommendations for me as I look for a cheapish, basic midi keyboard?

also things that I thought were happening asynchronously are happening synchronously, which is... not good. Do I blame Flask?

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The hand sanitizer shortage is definitely over. I bought a 250ml bottle for $0.29 today

How are ISSNs assigned anyway? Did they start with 0000-0000 and count up? I am noticing most of the 7K journals I've looked up on DOAJ today have ISSNs that start with 0, 1 or 2. There must be some logic to this, no?

I don't know much about oolong, but I am drinking one and it is nice

anyhow, I'm digging myself out from under a bunch of technical problems, and mercifully I have time next week to hopefully make things better

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I was wondering how long it takes for new citations to appear in Google Scholar, so I intentionally watched for some to appear.

It took 6 days.

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