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For a long time, I've wanted my own instance, and now I have one! So I'm moving everything from @ocertat over here

Always sit on the blog post overnight before posting

Am I going to have to turn off my relay because I'm using up too much db space?

Gah, I like getting feedback but I really hate asking for it

I find found it strangely satisfying to activate Project Gutenberg in Alma. Public domain ftw

Là on a du vrai taff à faire, et partout il y a des paresseux

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why does newsblur slow down my browser so much? What could it possibly be doing? It's making me suspicious...

Apparently I can apply for AWS Educate credits more often than just annually? nice

Even some things that I thought would definitely break are still working

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Our library switched over to Alma today. Mercifully, it went fine, except for some small bits of javascript that fell over

I'm working on a Nisargadatta Maharaj bot, for all of the Advaitins of mastodon

because my upper lip seems to be made of leather and I can't move it.

I posted about this on our library's twitter, hoping for a reaction, but nope. Nothing.

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Trying to tame the federated timeline by blocking the bots, the porn, the cranks. Not sure if this is a fool's errand

highly recommend @oldroadside if you have memories of driving around America in the 80s

I hooked my instance up to a relay and now the federated timeline is back, in all of its strangeness

TIL that github pages allows your various repositories to have their own subdomains. neat!

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