reinstalling ubuntu tonight because I broke it pretty badly yesterday :/

programming books 

sometimes I get a bit lost in the manning catalog, not sure what to pursue, not sure if I should be spending this money on books, and very excited about learning something new

cooking, controversial 

ground pork > ground beef

merged the branch. It's not perfect but it works and I will improve it later

I've cracked and started buying books again. I think my biblioabstemiousness lasted 2 or 3 months.

in other old apartment news, now sometimes when you flush the toilet, the shower starts running. Not sure if this is a plumbing issue or perhaps a haunting

$5.50 per month seems like a lot to keep my bots and twitter archive running, but inertia is keeping me here 🤷‍♀️

Reading the APA manual 

And here I had been using them interchangeably, like some kind of rube

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Reading the APA manual 

"a reference list cites works that specifically support a particular article. In contrast, a bibliography cites works for background or further reading and may include descriptive notes"

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Reading the APA manual 

and I only just now learned the difference between a bibliography and a reference list

amusing thing I saw in New Jersey 

it was a store on a commercial stretch of highway 17. Because nothing gets customers feeling amorous like, uh, a depot

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amusing thing I saw in New Jersey 

"Romantic Depot"

ice cream truck music from the street combined with something slayer-like coming from the courtyard makes for a strange tone to the afternoon

Since moving into this old apartment, I spend far more time thinking about and fixing doorknobs than I ever would have expected :/


In hindsight, using chanterelles in ramen was not the best use of their powers

do you italicize the colon

here's the abstract:

This paper argues that indexers should work collaboratively to build software tools that support our profession. As technology automates the procedural aspects of our work, we need to respond by building tools that support the conceptual labor of indexing.

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A thing I wrote in 2017, but I'm just getting around to sharing now. Hopefully it doesn't sound too dated :)

Automation, Abstraction and Building it Ourselves

(it's a paper for indexers)

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